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Jennifer has a bachelor’s degree from University of Montana in Recreation Management, is a Wilderness EMT and a Certified Interpretive Guide with the National Association for Interpretation. Jennifer enjoys sharing her lifelong passion for the outdoors with her guests. 

 I have my son who works with me 

Jennifer is the owner and lead guide at Volcanoes Hiking Guides. She grew up in Ventura, California where she spent her time hiking backcountry skiing, swimming, and surfing. These activities helped Jennifer become more in touch with herself and the world around her. Jennifer attended the University of Montana (UM) where she earned a B.S. in Recreation Management. While at UM Jennifer was an active member of GreenPeace International. Her time with the organization helped her discover her passion for sharing the wonders and wisdom of natural environments. 

 After college Jennifer moved to West Yellowstone, Montana where she ran a summer camp for children ages 6-12. This camp explored Yellowstone National Park and campers about the Park’s rich environmental history. 

In the following years Jennifer moved between Yellowstone and Hilo. Pursuing her love of the outdoors both professionally and recreationally. During that time Jennifer first began to explore Volcanoes National Park and began guiding clients on hiking and snowmobiling tours through Yellowstone. 

Jennifer returned to the big island in 2021 and started Volcanoes Hiking Guides, a professional guide service that offers hikes in Volcanoes National Park. She is now able to share her love for recreating in the outdoors, teach others about the environment and give back to the community and environment. 


Volcanoes Hiking Guides is committed to making the world a better place one step at a time by exploring Volcanoes National Park in a sustainable way, leaving no trace, learning about the natural and cultural significance of the park and donating 10% of all profits to charitable organizations with similar goals.



Hi! My name is Cameron Wysocky and I'm a part of the Volcanoes Hiking Guide Team. I enjoy high-altitude hikes and love climbing both of the Big Islands' signature stratovolcanoes. I can't wait to take you on the adventure of a lifetime!

Ready to Book?

At Volcanoes Hiking Guides we offer world-class tours of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Our tours highlight some of the underappreciated wonders of the Hawaiian Archipelago, including massive craters, ancient lava flows, and beautiful cloud forests unique to the Hawaiian Islands. 

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