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Impress your hiking partner with an amazing trail meal.


Why does food always taste so good on a long hike? Could it be the beautiful surroundings? Could it be all the energy you used to get to this special place? Or maybe it is the great recipes and design of your table that made it so delicious.

My name is Jennifer and I am a professional hiking guide. I guide hikes in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park and Volcanoes National park in Hawaii. I love to empress with my lavish lunches.

It is so fun to see clients face when they see a spread of healthy greatness on a blanket in a beautiful spot. Its like bringing a classy restaurant to a special spot, dinner and lunch shows can be wildlife like a bison walking by or an Hawaiian 'Apane the Hawaiian honey creeper eating nectar from a flowering ʻōhiʻa lehua tree.

When I start to plan a meal, I ask clients if any dietary preferences are they vegan, gluten free or do they have any food allergies.

I ask if there is anything they would prefer not to eat. I then look at ages and where clients are coming from and the number of hikers.

I also look at the hike milage, difficulty and the weather forecast.

I then form a plan. If the weather is cold I will incorporate something warm, like stew, miso soup, or pasta. If it is going to be a hot day I will look at fruit, salad, humus or a chartreuse plate.

I will then look at milage and difficulty to determine how much food is needed and protein/carb rich my meal needs to be.

Any dietary preferences or allergies will come into play now as well as ages and where they are originating from.

After all these considerations I narrow my menu down to one or two ideas.

An example of a gluten free menue would be a chartreuse plate or a salad with salmon , chicken or beef.

For those cold days soups, hot coco or pastas.

For warm food I love my jet boil from or my pocket rocket. The jet boil Is my favorite but the pocket rocket is great less expensive option.

An all out dinner in Yellowstone on the Yellowstone river. Crab legs, shrimp and roasted zucchini.

Fresh Scallops

TAKO or octapus with fresh cucumbers.

Fresh fruit with lime and fresh cut basil.

Tofu Musubi with spicy aloe

Hiking and creating a lavish lunch or dinner is fun and rewarding.

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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